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wanted his browser to work harder, faster and better...

"If You Want To Save Time Surfing By Getting Your Web-Browser To Work Harder For You, Check Out This Revolutionary Software...

...Browser KickStart will save you tons of time and make surfing the Web more fun!

All you do is input your favorite sites and Browser KickStart will open them in new windows... whenever you want... with just one click!

Your Current Browser... Just Got Faster!

Hi, I'm Ian Traynor

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Let me ask you a question...

Are you ready to put your web browser on steroids and visit all your favorite sites with one click? If that idea excites you, check this out...

You know how you always open your favorite sites first thing in the morning?

Let's say they're your favorite news site, your favorite sports site, your favorite finance site and your favorite email website...

...well, how do you get to them? Do you visit each one separately, typing in the web-address each time? Do you navigate through your "favorites" to find each site? Do you click on links from a special "start" page? If you're doing any of those methods every day, you're wasting time.

Browser Kickstart will launch ALL your favorite sites in *separate* windows so you can view one site while the others load... then just flip between them. :)

See Browser KickStart In Action!

View the demo Movie and see exactly how cool Browser Kickstart really is... the movie is only 2 mins long and just 600Kb, so click on the movie to view it right now in your web-browser...

It's So Simple...

Browser KickStart can launch several websites with the click of one link... but... better still, you can have different groups of sites within Browser Kickstart, so you may have a group of sites you like to open "first thing in the morning" and another group of "financial sites" for when you want to check your credit card statement and your online bank statement.

You could also have a "fun" group for all your favorite games sites, a "forum" group containing all the latest forums and chat sites, and any other grouping of sites you can think of!

Browser Kickstart will open all the sites in your group with one click... all in separate windows, so while you view one site, the others are loading in the background. Once you've finished visiting one, flip to one of the others. :-)

One click sets Browser Kickstart as your homepage... then all your groups are available to launch instantly each time your browser starts!

Super-Easy To Set-Up And Use!

Browser Kickstart is basically just a very, very clever webpage. Once you've downloaded the Zip file, you just open the webpage and set it as your browser's homepage with one click. Then you just add groups and your favorite links. It's dead easy. I've even created a movie to walk you through everything, from downloading, to setting your homepage and adding groups and links. Watch the movie and you'll get everything ready within five minutes!

There Are No Security Worries...

Browser Kickstart is just a special webpage that sits on your local computer. It's as safe and secure as any other file sitting on your local machine. No information is sent across the Internet about the links you add to Browser Kickstart or what pages you visit. All the information Browser Kickstart needs to work is stored in a cookie on your local machine.

It's Almost Free!

Browser KickStart will save you time and effort whenever you start your browser... that has to be worth much, much more to you than $19.97. I reckon I'm practically giving it away at that price!

But, you know what, I have other products for sale. Perhaps if you like Browser KickStart you'll buy some of my other products? I hope so because I sure won't be making a fortune from letting you have Browser KickStart for almost free!

You'll Love It... Guaranteed!

I don't mess around with tricky wording in my guarantees. It's simple. Try Browser KickStart today and if you don't like it, let me know. I'll refund your payment. As an entrepreneur online for seven years with a great track-record, I don't need to worry about people not liking my products because most people love them. If they didn't, I wouldn't be in business after nine years! However, if, for any reason, you don't like Browser KickStart, just let me know and I'll issue a full refund.

Our 100% Can't-Miss Guarantee: If Browser Kickstart doesn't do everything we've mentioned, we'll refund your entire investment. No Questions Asked.

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